Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries – Why You Should Be Eating Them

Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries
Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries

Welcome to this blog post ”Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries – Why You Should Be Eating Them.” You may have heard about superfoods, but what about super fruits? Superfruits, like goji berries, are dense in nutrient content and high in antioxidants.

Did you know that for over 2,000 years, goji berries have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine? These tiny red berries that can be eaten fresh or dehydrated, flooded grocery stores during the uprising of superfoods and healthy eating in the past couple of years.

What makes them special is the presence of a specific plant-based phytochemical called beta carotene which is far more superior to any other plant-based beta carotene.

Did you know they are filled with 500 times more Vitamin C than oranges? How about small in size, they definitely deserve your attention and we’ll tell you why.

Natural immunity enhancers? Promotes eye health? A go-to for those with diabetes? Continue reading to learn all about goji berries and why you should be eating them.

Goji Berries have their roots in Asia where they have been used in making medicines to ward off illnesses and common flu. Known for their sweet and tangy flavor, these berries are now a popular component in numerous supplements and superfood blends.

They are richly packed with antioxidants and nutrients that are linked with several health benefits.

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Just 5 tablespoons of dehydrated goji berries contain less than 100 calories and 5 grams of protein along with some carbs and sugar. This goes on to show that a small tablespoon of these berries contains lots of nutrients, fiber, and vitamins.

To top it all off, they are free from cholesterol, fat, and sodium. Now, onto the benefits:

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1 # Prevents High Blood Sugar

Diabetics rejoice! Finding the right diabetic-friendly food is a challenging task but goji berries make it easier.

One of the active components in them is extremely effective in lowering blood sugar and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Eating them balances out the insulin and glucose levels in the blood. Remember to consult your doctor before eating them, especially if you are on medication as they have the capacity to substantially lower blood sugar.

Have you experienced high blood pressure? How do you deal with it? Tell us in the comments section below.

Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries
Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries

2 # Promotes Eye Health

Maintaining eye health is probably one of the most popular health benefits of goji berries. As you age, your vision starts getting worse.

However, if these are on your menu, then age-related eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration can be slowed down.

Some of the main causes of degenerating eyesight include oxidative stress, free radicals, and UV rays. Being concentrated with antioxidants goji fights off free radicals and harmful elements that cause eye problems.

According to nutrition experts, drinking goji juice or eating them keeps the retina strong. Weak retinas are one of the main problems faced by the elderly.

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3 # Supports Immune Function

You are only as strong as your immunity. Imagine your immune system as a shield that protects the body against disease and fights off infection.

Goji berries are rich in nutrients that assist the immune system to be healthier and stronger. The trace minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals found in them help boost immune function.

Research shows that they are also packed with compounds that enhance the body’s ability to resist autoimmune diseases like allergies, rashes, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and even diabetes.

4 # Keeps Skin Glowing And Healthy

The hunt for the right skincare product is never-ending. If you’re tired of this, then you should concentrate on what you eat rather than what you apply to the skin.

Goji berries contain a compound that stimulates pituitary gland secretions which stalls the process of aging. The obvious red color of these berries (beta carotene) is another secret behind healthy and glowing skin.

Fine lines and early signs of aging are unstoppable but eating these berries regularly slows down this process. Other than that they also reduce skin irritation, manage harmful effects of the sun and improve skin disorders.

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5 # May Relieve Anxiety

Many of us are dealing with anxiety every day. For some, this may seem like a never-ending journey but once you start eating the right foods and keeping active, your anxiety will go down.

Research shows that drinking goji berry juice regularly combats stress, anxiety and increases energy. Other results showed it enhances athletic performance, helps you stay focused, and makes you feel a lot calmer.

6 # Prevents The Onset Of Liver Damage

The rate of liver damage in America is increasing at an alarming rate as about 2% of Americans suffer from liver disease. If you’re looking to undo liver damage then goji berries are the answer.

One of the major causes of liver damage is stress and imbalance between oxidative and antioxidant stress. Eating these berries releases certain compounds which stops the growth of tumors in the liver and keeps it healthy.

Overall it’s a lesser-known natural solution for several liver problems.

Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries
Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries

7 # Promotes Wound Healing

It is a known fact that berries like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are packed with highly concentrated natural antioxidants. Goji berries are no exception.

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They help rebuild new tissues, give the immune system a boost, and also quicken the healing process from inside out. Adding these berries to your morning oatmeal or cereal promotes the healing of wounds and stops the infection.

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8 # Lowers The Risk Of Developing Certain Cancers

Due to their rich antioxidants and phytochemicals content, goji berries have always been used as the core ingredient for anti-cancer and anti-tumor traditional medicines.

When compared to other foods, they have much more of a therapeutic effect on certain cancers. They are also unnaturally high in water-soluble fiber compounds that have the capacity to enhance defense mechanisms.

Even in the case of some tumors, eating goji regularly increases activity against cancer cells and inhibits the growth of tumors.

9 # Reduces Bad Cholesterol

With a fast-food joint springing up on literally every corner, it’s difficult to ignore unhealthy food. High fat, sugar, and carbs increase bad cholesterol levels.

This can be undone by regularly eating goji berries that not just reduces the bad cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol.

Being plant-based in nature, the natural good cholesterol in them actively limits the entering of bad cholesterol. Another reason is that they contain high levels of antioxidants that are responsible for their anti-inflammatory nature which also eliminates the bad cholesterol.

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Now back to everything you need to know about goji berries.

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10 # Supports Weight Loss

Looking to shed those extra pounds? Drinking goji berry juice for 2 weeks will give you visible changes in weight.

The berry component increases the metabolism and works like a charm for weight loss. If you are sick of trying everything under the sun, then goji topped smoothies or oatmeals can be your go-to breakfast.

Just 30 grams of a goji prevents you from overindulgence during meal times.

How Much Is Too Much? Too much of anything is not good. That’s true even for goji berries. Now that you know about all the amazing health benefits of these wonder berries, it’s only wise to take a look at the right amount to take.

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The recommended amount is about 30 grams or 2 tablespoons a day. While some people may eat more than this without any issue, it is important to stick to the recommended limit in order to avoid potential side effects.

Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries
Top 10 Benefits of Goji Berries

How to Add Goji Berries in Your Diet?

When it comes to cooking, you can get as creative as you like! Here are some ideas to get you going: Eat them raw – just like any other berry, goji berries can be eaten raw.

Just a handful of them will make for a delicious healthy snack and will also keep you full until it’s time for another meal.

Goji juice – goji juice is another way you can reap the benefits of these berries. With no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial coloring, if you are unable to get a hold of fresh goji this can be your go-to choice.

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Trail mix – trail mix consists of an assortment of dried and dehydrated fruits. Adding dehydrated goji into your regular trail mix will elevate your regular mix to a healthier more deliciously tangy version.

Tea – Herbal tea is taking the healthy eating market by storm. Available in tea forms, goji can be enjoyed as a delicious mid-morning healthy tea.

If you are looking for more flavors then we recommend you give this a go!

Goji berries are amazing for physical and mental health when eaten correctly. They are tiny but pack some serious nutritional punch!

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How do you like to eat goji berries? What are some other berries you like to have? Tell us in the comments below!

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