Quick Tips to Lose Weight – If You’re Lazy – 10 Simple tips

Quick Tips to Lose Weight
Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Quick tips to lose weight if you’re a couch potato. Most of us want to be slim and fit but all the different diets we’ve tried are torturous. Their effect disappears as soon as we go back to our usual eating habits. Don’t fall into deep and dark despair just yet.

Health-Fitness-Journal has done some research and found ten quick tips to lose weight. That will help you shed those extra pounds with no effort no diets and zero exercises. what was that? The sound of your jaw hitting the floor? That’s right! so without further, we do. Here’s a short guide to getting that perfect figure for
all the lazy ones out there.

Quick Tips to Lose Weight
Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Number One – Don’t Forget to Drink Water.

We know you’ve heard it over and over again drink more water. Yes, you’re well! Aware that water is life and you even make an effort to drink it from time to time. You’ve probably never thought about how truly helpful it can be for your metabolism. Just don’t forget that timing is key here. The right way to do it.

Is to drink one to two glasses of water, 30 minutes before every meal. This way your metabolic processes will have a fresh start and your stomach will be partially filled up with water forcing you to eat less. This hydration regimen will also tame your sweet tooth and prevent you from constantly raiding the fridge. It’s not just a tired old saying. Seriously drink more water.

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Number Tow – Pay Attention to Your Food

In today’s day and age, we’re used to having our meals as fast as possible. A quick breakfast when you’re running late for work a hasty lunch because you have way too much to do and even a speedy dinner at times when you’re just too exhausted. At the end of the day try to switch up your approach here to make feeding a small ritual. It really won’t take as much of your time as you think.

Sit down at the table don’t rush don’t try to multitask. Forget about your problems. Now watching TV and no playing around on your phone. It’s just you and your food. You need to give it your undivided attention. Be mindful of what you eat and how you do it.

Recent studies showed that this method really does influence your food intake and helps you taste food more clearly resulting in eating less.

Number Three – Use a Smaller Plate and Chopsticks

There are a lot of other ways to trick yourself into consuming less food. For example to avoid thinking too much about your portion sizes grab a smaller plate and eat only the amount of food that it can hold.

Studies have proven that this technique is rather effective in reducing the plate size leads to a 30% reduction in the amount of food consumed. Just don’t start stacking food. Vertically to make up for the loss of space chopsticks are also a great addition when using chopsticks you eat more slowly. Which helps you feel full with a smaller amount of food. If you’re absolutely hopeless at using chopsticks just use a small spoon for your non-dominant hand. It really does do the trick. It’s like magic!

Number Four – Sleep More – Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Here’s some music to your ears sleeping helps you lose weight – no joke. So congratulations the day has finally come you now have the perfect excuse to stay in bed longer. Since it’s a part of your diet plan. If you think about it. It makes total sense.

When you’re asleep you can’t eat, right? All jokes aside a good night’s sleep have been proven to have a great impact on keeping good metabolism and maintaining the right levels of ghrelin and leptin. Your body’s hunger hormones. on the contrary poor sleep disrupts these hormones resulting in an increased appetite and a weakening of your body’s okay. I’m full. Now sensation plus you’re not exactly doing nothing while sleeping because your body is burning between 50 and 100 calories an hour another great reason to take a nap.

Number Five – Sleep in The Cold

While we’re on the topic of sleeping there’s another trick you can do to lose even more weight while you’re in dreamland. All you have to do is turn down your thermostat or open a window. How easy is that? Research from the National Institutes of Health says that sleeping in a room at the temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit helps your body get rid of fat because it burns calories to maintain its normal temperature of around 98 degrees

The number of calories you burn depends on a variety of factors but the studies showed that 15 minutes in the cold is basically equal to one solid hour of exercising along with your pant size. Your heating bill will go down too. I mean this just keeps getting better and better.

Number Six – Add Some Fat Burners

Not that many people realize that you don’t have to give up your usual food. While you’re trying to get fit and lose some extra inches. Just diversify your menu with salmon, eggs, nuts, olive oil, hot peppers, and green tea. Why specifically these products you may ask? The answer is simple.

Their natural metabolism boosters and fat burners. There are tons of natural appetite suppressants as well. Like ginger, avocados, apples, and sweet potatoes even the senses citrus or peppermint can reduce your appetite. So the choices here are endless. Just pick the products you like and incorporate them into your daily menu. No pills involved here.

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Number Seven – Forget Prohibitions

For a lot of people, dieting is basically the equivalent of constant prohibitions. No this. You can’t have fat it seriously makes you feel like you’re a kid again! The truth is if you want to eat a cookie order some chocolate just do it but only eat one instead of three or five or the whole pack in one sitting can try to eat it in the morning. So your body will have enough time to burn all those calories throughout the day.

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Strict prohibitions aren’t good because they cause stress and as a result a higher level of bad hormones. Besides if you beat yourself up if you break them and that’s the last thing you need. Science is on your side here a study from the Netherlands showed that the scent and taste of dark chocolate reduce your appetite as it decreases your ghrelin levels. Just don’t forget that moderation is important here. If you’ve just eaten several cupcakes get ready to do some extra work to stay in shape.

Number Eight – Brush Your Teeth

It may sound weird and sort of out of the blue. You’re an SAP you’re sure that you already do it at least twice a day right? So this trick shouldn’t be too hard for you. Just make one little change start brushing your teeth right after every meal. This will prevent you from going back for seconds. One reason for this is that food doesn’t taste very good when you have a minty flavor in your mouth another reason is that we’re simply too lazy to brush our teeth multiple times after every meal. So this habit will not only make you eat less but also leave you with perfectly pearly white teeth.

Number Nine – Laugh – Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Laughing makes everything better and brighter and as it turns out it also makes you lose weight. According to a study published in the International Journal of obesity when we laugh our energy expenditure increases by up to 20 percent compared to when we’re resting. Besides it really works out your ab muscles. You know that feeling when your stomach hurts from laughing so much. That’s exactly 15 minutes of laughter can burn 10 to 40 calories depending on your weight and how hard you’re laughing. So now the real question is what’s your favorite comedy show? Turn it on and start exercising.

Number Ten – Use Hot Compresses

If you’re a true couch potato then you enjoy spending most of your time on the sofa. I mean it’s not called being a couch potato for anything.

Here’s an effective method to help you lose weight while you’re sitting and watching TV or reading a book. As we all know heat makes you sweat which expels unnecessary liquid from your body. That’s why you can use hot compresses. If you want to slim down certain troubled areas of your body. Like the lower abdomen aka the infamous belly pooch, you can do different kinds of compresses depending on your preferences.

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Amongst the most popular are salt for ginger compresses. for the salt one, you need to roast about half a bowl of salt in the oven pack it into a thin towel, and put it on your belly. You can also mix three tablespoons of salt and eat up hot water to create a paste and gently massage it all over your belly.

Making the ginger compress is a little more time-consuming but just as effective you’ll need to grate half a cup of fresh ginger and add it to a large pot of boiling water. Let it sit for five minutes and then dip a washcloth into the ginger water be careful to let it cool for a little bit before placing it on your tummy. Cover the compress with another towel to hold the heat in to get a stronger effect and keep her compressed hot for. Longer you can blow it with a hairdryer.

Do you have any lazy hacks for weight loss on your own? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with all your friends. To know more information and help post like this always stay on the


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