How to Remove Insects from Ear – In Case an Insect Flies Into Your Ear

How to Remove Insects from Ear

Hey, there welcome to this blog post “How to Remove Insects from Ear – In Case an Insect Flies Into Your Ear.” The idea of any foreign object in your ear can be annoying and if it’s an insect it can be downright terrifying.

You may feel a buzzing sound or a constant itchy feeling in your ear which can be quite uncomfortable. Insects often get stuck when they enter our ears and cannot fly or crawl out.

The constant sound that you hear is them trying to find their way out. In this struggle, they may end up tearing your eardrum orbiting it which can cause swelling and infection.

Your ears are extremely delicate when an insect enters. It can cause some serious damage maybe even harm your ability to hear. In order to protect the inner workings of your ears, it’s important to take immediate action if this happens to you.

In this article, we will be telling you what to do in case an insect flies into your ear.

1 – Don’t Panic

Do not Panic

We comprehend that if any insect is stuck inside your ear your first response would probably be to panic and try and remove it yourself. But we would firmly suggest against that.

It’s possible that the insect is lodged deep inside and it may require forceps to remove. If you’re trying to remove it yourself you may end up shoving the insect further in or damage your inner ear.

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A word of caution never inserts other objects into your ear in an attempt to dislodge an insect. Vigorously shaking your head or smacking at your ears might cause the bug to burrow deeper sting bite or pinch you resulting in acute pain.

The only time you should even attempt to remove it is if you know it as possible and safe to painlessly pluck the insect out. Otherwise don’t even think about it.

2 – Encourage the Insect to Come Out on Its Own

Encourage the Insect to Come Out on Its Own - How to Remove Insects from Ear

One of the things that you can do apart from panicking is encouraged the insect to crawl out on its own. But it sounds easier said than done sit with your head tipped to encourage the bugs to exit and straighten your ear to open the canal wide.

Then sit still in any place from 5 to 10 minutes. Occasionally shaking your head gently if you can hold a cup under your head to catch the insect for identification.

If the insect does not leave you can ask someone to shine a light into your ear. This might draw it out. But if the insect begins to burrow deeper at the site of light turn the flashlight off immediately and look for other measures.

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3 – Use Oil

How to Remove Insects from Ear - Use Oil

Oils can come in handy when dealing with insects and ears. Oils like mineral oil, olive oil, or baby oil can be very helpful when trying to float the insect out. It’s quite easy to use as well.

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First, tilt your head so that the ear is pointing upwards then pour warm oil not hot oil into your ear. The hope is that the insect will get captured in the oil and completely float or drain out of your ear.

If nothing else happens this should be enough to at least kill the insect and prevent any other damage to your ear. Make sure that you have someone to help you out in this process.

4 – Do Not Try Self Removal Using a Tool

Do Not Try Self Removal Using a Tool - How to Remove Insects from Ear

You might be desirous to take away the insect by any means urgent. Tweezers or cotton swabs are the first things that apparently come to mind for removing the insect by poking it or prodding it generally.

Keep in mind this can make things worse and might push the insect further into the ear. Or cause damage to the middle ear or eardrum or in severe cases causes hearing loss.

Many harmless cases of insects in the ear have been worsened by people trying to self-remove them and end up hurting themselves.

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5 – Pull Back Your Ear

Pull Back Your Ear - How to Remove Insects from Ear

It’s not as strange as it sounds the shape of your ear canal can be modified slightly by pulling back on its peanut which’s the circular part of the ear on the side of the head.

Now place the affected ear depth and gently wiggle the pinna. This will cause the insect to shift positions and make enough room for it to fall out.

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6 – Try Washing the Insect Out

Try Washing the Insect Out - How to Remove Insects from Ear

Another way to get the insect out is by washing it away. Use warm water and a Balbir syringe and fill out the ear canal gently with the water. This will irritate the insect out of the canal.

Just make sure that there are no ear tubes in place and that the ear drum is not perforated.

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7 – Seek Medical Help

Seek Medical Help

If after multiple tries you are unable to get the insect out you may have to call in a professional. We get it going to the hospital can be a hassle. But we strongly advise you to head to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Medical staff are trained to remove insects from your ear. They have the equipment and expertise to do it with ease.

A step as small as going to the emergency room may help you save your hearing. An insect in your ear can be harmless when handled correctly.

However, if you exaggerate the issue and delay it for no reason other than waiting for the bug to come out on its own you could end up damaging your ears or your hearing.

Remember to try not to panic and if you can’t get it out using these helpful tips contact a professional. Have you ever gotten a bug in the ear? Have you ever tried one of these methods? Let us know in the comments.

If you enjoyed this article please don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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