How to Know You’re Addicted to Sugar – 5 Surprising Signs

How to Know You're Addicted to Suga
How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

Welcome to this blog post ”How to Know You’re Addicted to Sugar – 5 Surprising Signs.” So let’s start with the basics, what is sugar?

Sugar is a natural ingredient that has always been part of our diet. All sugars are carbohydrates, which are found naturally in most foods that provide energy for our body.

However, nowadays, sugars are also added to a lot of foods to enhance their taste, texture, and flavors. These are also known as free sugars.

If you carefully read the food label most of the processed foods we consume contain sugar, and no companies will not just list it down as sugar but rather hide behind scientific names such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, molasses, invert sugar, or corn syrup.

There are now estimated to be around 60 different names for these free sugars. Hence it is very important for you to read the food labels and know how to identify sugar.

You might be thinking I don’t eat that much sugar. Well, the truth is you might be consuming sugar without even realizing it. So here are the top 5 signs you might just be addicted to sugar.

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1 – You Eat Sugary Foods Past The Point You Intended

Imagine this scenario. I really want to treat myself to that nice slice of cake. Oh god, it tastes so good! Maybe I shouldn’t do you know what? Maybe just one more slice oh it’s so good!

How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

Before you know it you have treated yourself to five slices and you still want more. You feel extremely guilty and regretful immediately afterward.

2 – You Crave Simple Carbs

Sugar addiction isn’t just about sweets. All cops turn into sugar in our bodies. So even if you don’t have a sweet tooth but if you crave simple carbs such as pretzels, biscuits, pastries, pasta, or even white bread.

How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

Then what if you’re really craving is sugar. Hence even if you feel full and satisfied from a really healthy meal you still want to snack on simple carbs.

3 – You Crave Meat or Salty Foods

You might be wondering what that has nothing to do with sugar. It’s important to know that a healthy body always strives towards balance.

How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

So if you find your body craving for a lot of meat or salty foods this may be a sign that your body is seeking balance due to the large sugar intake.

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4 – You Eat Yourself Sick on Sugary Foods

Have you ever eaten so many cookies that you experience one or more of these symptoms headaches, gas, bloating, or sleepiness? If so those are symptoms of a sugar hangover.

You do this to yourself a few times a week if not every day and you feel extremely crappy afterward. to you the short-term pleasure of eating that cakes, chocolates, or sweets are worth the unpleasant after-effects.

5 – You’re Going Through Withdrawal

All you have told yourself I’m going to quit sugar and that’s exactly what you did. But before you know it you experience mediate withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, low energy, and even mood swings.

The next thing you’re back snacking on sugary foods just to make you feel better. If you say yes to four out of five of these signs you might just be addicted to sugar.

Difference Between Natural Sugars and Added Sugars

How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

Natural sugars are present in fruits such as fruits, vegetables, and also milk. They are part of the whole food and contain protein or fiber.

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On the other hand, added sugar also known as ”free sugars” a sweetener that does not occur naturally in whole food. But rather they’re intentionally added by manufacturers to enhance the taste and texture of a product.

How to Know You're Addicted to Sugar

Added sugars are empty calories and contain no nutrients whatsoever. They do more harm than good to your body.

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It’s important to know that our body does not distinguish between the different types of sugar and breaks them down in exactly the same way whether it’s natural or added.

Say that however foods containing natural sugars like fruits have beneficial nutrients such as fiber which will aid your digestion and keeps you full. So eating a piece of fruit will not cause your blood sugar level to spike in comparison to drinking a can of soda.

Overall you will still need to control the total amount of sugar whether it’s natural or added because an excessive amount of sugar in your liver can lead to health problems.

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