How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back – 10-Min Home Exercises

How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back

Welcome to this blog post “How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back – 10-Min Home Exercises.” In this article, we’re talking about shoulders, back, and chest muscles as always. We’re starting with a good Warm-up, you need a small towel some dumbbells, or a couple of your friends hey just kidding, and maybe a bottle of water for this workout.

Push-Back Push-Ups

Take the regular push-up position but spread your legs a little wider your abs pecks triceps and deltoids would be engaged. Now slowly lift down but instead of climbing up push your body back toward the ankles. It’s a great exercise to build pushing strength and it also activates your core.

Push-Back Push-Ups - How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back

The key to doing this exercise is to speed go down and push back very slowly. Do this exercise for 45 seconds then you’ll have 15 seconds to rest.

So by the way the world record for push-ups in 24 hours is 46 thousand and one can you beat that I sure can’t I’m not even going to drop.

Hey, you’re going to have to gain a lot of muscle mass to get wider. Many will tell you that you need to follow a strict diet and give up pizza and coke. But what if I told you it’s not necessary at all.

Read till the end and we will figure out how to gain muscle mass without limiting your diet.

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Pike Push-Ups

Assume the downward facing dog position your shoulders should be right above your hands now start push-ups. Be sure your elbows bend toward your sides this way this exercise will be as effective as possible.

Pike Push-Ups - How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back

Physical activity boosts the level of happiness hormones called endorphins. So you’ll be happier and more productive.

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It also increases the production of cells that are responsible for memory and learning and speaking of your head be very careful. Get down to the level where you can gently touch the forehead to the floor. You don’t need bruises on your face.


So imagine flying around town and saving people right now. Lie face down on the floor pull out your hands forward in the shape of the letter Y.

Shape of the Letter Y

Squeeze your glutes and lower back muscles and start to raise your hands to a level above your chest. Then slowly lower them down to their original position and be sure not to get tangled up in your cape.

Now let’s get to the high plank position hands-on shoulder-width lower your left arm onto your elbow. Then do the same with your right arm now you should be in the bar position on your elbows.

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Next, place your left palm on the floor and push upwards repeat the same thing with your right hand.


Now lie face down again reach out your arms in front of you and raise your legs a little upwards to feel how tense your back muscles are now move your arms around making the widest possible circle. Then go back to your original position.

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Dumbbell Exercise

Take a light dumbbell if you don’t have one a bottle of water will do perfectly. Get into a high plank position but spread your legs wider you’ll need to control the balance.

Now take the bottle with the right hand and raise it sideways to your body level. Hold your hand in this position for a few seconds it’s hard but it’s effective.

Dumbbell Exercise - How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back

Controls the speed takes your time if you’re a beginner don’t use a heavy dumbbell or a bottle of water. Do this exercise without weight in a week. You’ll feel much more confident and you can try to experiment with weights.

Now go back to the original position take the bottle with your left hand and repeat the exercise. Return to the plank position on your hands first place them under your shoulders and then lean forward as far as possible.

Feel the tension in your muscles stop when you reach the limit you should keep this position for 45 seconds. Oh, by the way, the world record in the plank position is over 8 hours! It’s like flying from new york to Amsterdam only there’s no plane and you’re stuck on the floor.

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Towel Exercise

Towel Exercise - How to Get a Wider Shoulder and a Huge Back

Take a small towel lie down on the floor stretch your arms forward take the towel so that your hands are a little wider than your shoulders. Now stretch the towel as much as you can.

For better efficiency you can lift your legs up a little this will work on your abs and back muscles. Now that your hands are tense move the towel to your chest then go back to your original position.

Lie down on your back spread your legs to the width of your shoulders and put your hands to the sides with your palms up. Now move your elbows to each other making your upper body rise and straining your back muscles. Place the towel under your elbows for more comfort.

Towel Exercise

Congratulations that’s it for one day. Now you can really praise yourself hey good job. Just a few more general tips for the end discipline are the key to successful training.

It doesn’t mean you have to practice every day at the same time. Three or four times a week will be enough to get the body shape you want.

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How to Gain Muscle Mass Without Limiting Your Diet?

Now as I promised let’s talk about muscle mass first we need to figure out how the muscles work during training. When you exercise you damage the muscle tissue a little. Don’t be scared that’s the purpose of the exercise your body feels it and it starts to repair itself.

It binds new and old protein fibers together and that’s how the muscles get stronger and bigger but for them to grow you need to maintain a certain level of protein. It has to be higher than the rate of its breakdown in the muscles.

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So at this point, you need to follow a certain diet. Simply put consume more protein and it will turn into muscle mass. If you work out of course but there is a limit to the amount of muscle mass you can build up it’s a genetic limit. So after a while, you’ll just start getting fat not gaining muscle mass.

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The thing is a person doesn’t really need that much protein the daily recommended amount for men is 55 and a half grams and 45 grams for women. And now I’m going to prove to you that you don’t have to give up tasty food to meet that standard.

For example, let’s take an average breakfast eggs toast, and let’s be honest a piece of bacon one medium-sized egg contains about six grams of protein. You’ll eat about 13 grams more with toast and a piece of bacon will give you an incredible 37 grams of protein.

Gain Muscle Mass Without Limiting Your Diet

Add to that lunch dinner and a light snack in the middle of the day and you’ll see that you’re already consuming enough protein to turn it into muscle mass.

If you want to get your body in shape there is no need to sports protein nutrition at all. But you still have to maintain some balance if you exceed the norm of 55 and a half grams for a man twice it’ll be harmful to your health. Besides you’re not going to start getting fat you want to be wide with muscles not fat right?

Many gym-goers that eat mountains of protein with meat claim that vegetarian food will not allow you to gain the desired muscle mass. That’s also not true tofu beans soy milk and other vegan foods contain enough protein to turn them into mussels.

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So it’s best to stick to the normal diet you’re used to only if you don’t eat just pizza. Use starchy carbohydrates you can find them in potatoes rice pasta and bread and other products.

Those things should account for about a third of your total diet. Just try to add one of the products to each meal don’t forget about fruits and vegetables. They can be fresh frozen or even canned. 80 grams of fruit or vegetables with each meal will give you the right amount of fiber but more importantly, they contain vitamins.

For beginners this exercise is perfect, this program is designed for 4 weeks. When you become more confident start experimenting and make the exercises more complex. Add extra weight to your push-ups, increase speed, or time for each exercise you will start to notice the effect of training in a week.

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