How to Get a 6 Pack – 6 Simple Tips to Get a 6 Pack

How to Get a 6 Pack
How to Get a 6 Pack

Welcome to my blog How to Get a 6 Pack – 6 Tips to Get a 6 Pack. Those six elusive little muscles that men of all ages races and body fat percentages are in search of. We’ve been diligent with your weekly workouts pecs, check, bicep, double-check, legs whatever. The back shoulder tries all super solid but when it comes to abs it’s just not happening. Like the men’s fitness article promises.

You’ve crunched, you’ve leg lifted, you’ve even trained obliques giving it some of the work a little bit more than but nothing. All your other body parts have come to the party but your abs they’re a no-show but not anymore. Today gentlemen, we’re helping you unlock your abdominal destiny.

Tips # 1

Tip number one is to think of your abs as a byproduct. Not as a muscle that you build. Like a bonus at work from a job well done. I can a test that you studied your ass off for abs are kind of like a physiological knuckle bump. That your body’s given you for making proper and good lifestyle choices.

Tips # 2 – How to Get a 6 Pack

You need to decide how bad you really want those. Abs are overrated and what I mean by that is? Unless you’re some genetic freak show that just has a super low body fat percentage and abs are just blazing through all the time. These are people that, I hate and I’m sure you hate as well. They don’t do anything, they just hate. I did crunches check out my ABS and they’re the ones always in the mirror at the gym like check-in and taking pictures to punch them in the face next time. I’m kidding.

How to Get a 6 Pack
How to Get a 6 Pack

Don’t punch them but abs are overrated. What you have to do, what you have to give up in order to get them is tough. Keeping them super pain in the ass. All the delicious foods that you love you got to cut way back. All your free time you enjoy sitting there watching TV munching on chips playing video games.

Yeah well, that’s got to be cut back too and alcohol. That’s like abdominal kryptonite dor. Alcohol has a bunch of empty calories but what happens after a few drinks? Exactly you run for the border tacos baby burgers, fries, chips whatever it is. You make bad decisions in terms of your diet. Tell me again how bad do you really want abs?

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You gotta weigh the pros and cons. For most people what you need to give up and do in order to get them is more than you signed up for. I get it because it’s tough. So gentlemen that’s the end of this article for you. Not ready for ABS no big deal. But if you’re still here and I haven’t scared you off and you’re thinking maybe abs are for me.

Maybe I do want them. Well, gentlemen now we can move on to some actual practical advice that is going to help you see them. Everybody’s got abs but ultimately if you want to see them, you got to get that body fat percentage down.

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Tips # 3

I wasn’t kidding is reduced or eliminate alcohol from your diet. If you’re looking to lose weight or reduce your body fat percentage? Alcohol is the number one thing that you can eliminate from your diet that is going to help kick-start everything. You’re going to feel better you’re going to reduce your calories you’re not going to make stupid decisions that you do. When you’re drinking.

Maybe that’s just me, who makes bad decisions when they drink but seriously guys cutting out alcohol or eliminating it completely from your diet is going to make a massive difference in the body fat percentage. You’re going to lean out. You’re going to see that your face is gonna fit out all of a sudden. Then you’re gonna be like oh I’m not retaining water. I’m looking for dynamite. The place that alcohol likes to accumulate the most is right around the midsection.

Tips # 4

Tip number four is to Eat a cleaner better diet. If you guys are looking for some tips or an idea of what a good healthy diet? Looks like I’ve actually created a complete diet plan. Click here to get the diet plan.

Tips # 5

Tip number five morning cardio. There is absolutely no better time in the day to shred body fat. Get those abs the show like doing cardio first thing in the morning. You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need any fancy equipment, all you need is your ass and some sneakers. You can do it all right, go for a walk go for a jog, jump, the rope does whatever you need to do.

Here is a link free app called freeletics. Essentially this app all it does is show you workouts that you can do at home. Including cardiovascular abs workouts muscle. It’s the best app for fitness. I’ve ever seen.

The deal is you’ve got no excuses, right Cardio guys I know that you’re like but I got to work but I got to go to school. If it’s important to you, you will find the time and do. That app is free to download. It’s easy to use and it is just something there are tools out there technology allows for pretty much everything to happen and your abs no exception.

Tips # 6 – How to Get a 6 Pack

Number six the fun part everybody likes doing abs, doing crunches, doing situps, doing did whatever you need to do. Gentlemen this is the time you got to work at why’d you have to work it. Because you’ve got to develop the separations in between those abdominal muscles. You don’t need to percent body fat. If you’ve developed the separations and actually like work those ABS. Because you’ll actually be able to see them even if your body fats a little bit higher.

I just unlocked the secret to getting abs which is really there is no secret. it’s about making smart lifestyle choices in order to reduce body fat eat clean right. Take it easy on junk food and alcohol. Drink plenty of water to work those ABS through your cardio. Gentlemen’s abs are yours for the taking.

Hope you like playing and all of a sudden in a few weeks months years. You’ve got your abs but I go back to point number 2 which is abs are indeed overrated. They just are and they’re not for everybody. The most I can hope for you is that you live the healthiest lifestyle that you possibly can. If abs happen awesome if they don’t who cares because you’re amazing with or without.

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