How to Eat Right for Your Body Type – Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

How to Eat Right for Your Body Type
How to Eat Right for Your Body Type

Welcome to this blog post How to Eat Right for Your Body Type. All body types are unique and beautiful but have you ever wondered why people store fat in certain parts of their body? Some people gain weight around their midsection and others around their hips and thighs.

When you start eating right for your body shape you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body will adapt to the new diet. Read till the end to understand which foods work best for you. So you can lose weight faster.


How to Eat Right for Your Body Type Rectangle

If you have narrow hips and an undefined waist you have a rectangle body shape. Although you are less likely to gain weight you should incorporate foods with healthy fats avocado, almonds and salmon and planet-sized proteins into your diet. Remember that no matter how thin you are it’s still important to eat healthily.

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Do not eat too many sweets and fast food. Also, you should avoid carbonated drinks salted nuts and bakery products. Drink at least 2 liters of mineral water daily. The interval between breakfast lunch and dinner should be about 4 hours.

Apple – How to Eat Right

How to Eat Right for Your Body Type Apple

If this is your body type you tend to gain weight in your midsection therefore the perfect diet for you is eating little and often. Eat six times a day but reduce your portions. You need foods rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables vitamin C and low-fat dairy. If you eat yogurts make sure they are those that help regulate your digestion.

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You should avoid foods that generate gas and swelling such as fast food bread and certain vegetables, for instance, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts and cabbage. Also, you should reduce the number of carbs in your diet. It’s the basic rule for your body type.


A pear-shaped body is characterized by a much larger hip measurement than a bust measurement. If you have this body shape you tend to gain weight around the hips. And thighs and may experience water retention. Go with meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seafood, greens and foods with high protein content. Also, add tomatoes and tomato juice to your diet to boost your metabolism naturally.

Pear Body Shape

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Fruits like watermelon or pineapple are great for you as they cleanse your body by removing toxins that are slowing down your metabolism. Combine them with good herbal teas like green tea. Avoid high sodium foods in other words reduce your salt intake and also avoid refined foods. Such as bread noodles and rice. Simply replace them with whole foods.

Hourglass – How to Eat Right

While this is the most desired body shape hourglass figured women tend to gain weight evenly throughout their body and lack muscle tone. You run more risk of having high levels of blood sugar. So it’s better to choose foods with a low glycemic index and need five to six small meals a day. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and consume healthy fats from lean proteins.

Avoid refined foods white bread, noodles and rice. You can replace them with whole foods if you want to lose weight faster. Remove sweets products made with white flour, dried fruits and nuts from your diet.

So what is your body type? What do you usually do to stay in shape? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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