How to Boost Eye Health – The 15 Best Foods for Your Beautiful Eyes

How to Boost Eye Health

Hey there welcome to this blog post “How to Boost Eye Health – The 15 Best Foods for Your Beautiful Eyes.” Many of us are guilty of ignoring the link between our eyes and our diet.

Maintaining good eye health is as important as your overall health. Failing eyesight is considered a sign of aging but that’s not always the case.

By eating right and following a healthy lifestyle you can reduce the risk of developing eye problems. A healthy pair of eyes is a blessing, that’s why it’s imperative to eat healthily.

Nutrients like copper, zinc, vitamins, and beta carotene along with other minerals, are essential for maintaining good eye health. If you are looking for foods that will keep the eyes healthy you’re in the right place!

Oysters? Hot tea? Bell peppers? In this article, we will be talking about foods that are good for your beautiful eyes!

1 Tuna and Salmon

Tuna and Salmon - How to Boost Eye Health

Fat is not always bad! There are good fats and bad fats. To be in the best shape you need to have the right amount of good fat in the body. Omega 3 fatty acids are a crucial component for keeping the eyes in good condition.

Eating fish on occasion lowers the risk of developing eye disease. Having just 3 servings of tuna or salmon, every week will give good results.

Other fish like tuna, trout, herring, and sardines also have fish oil that reverses dry eye – which is caused by spending too many hours in front of a screen. Plus, they’re a superfood for the brain!

What are the superfoods that you choose to eat? How have they helped? Tell us in the comments section below.

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2 Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds - How to Boost Eye Health

When it comes to superfood, different types of nuts like walnuts, almonds, and peanuts top the list. Like fish, they also contain natural omega 3 fatty acids, a crucial element in keeping the eyes in good condition.

Vitamin E is another important element that can protect the eyes from age-related problems as it gets rid of toxic free radicals that break down the eye tissue. Easily available in any grocery store you can get your fill of nuts by topping a salad or going for a sugar-free protein bar.

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3 Eggs


Eggs are the undisputed kings of breakfast. Easy to make, available anywhere, and versatile, they are a favorite among gym-goers.

They’re a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, good cholesterol, and other nutrients. They solve the problem of age-related sight loss because of the powerful antioxidants that are found generously in the yolk.

Boiled, poached, or any way you like, eggs are densely packed with nutrients and are a great way to start the day.

4 – Turkey

Turkey - How to Boost Eye Health

Feel like your eyes have been drying up lately? Itchy eyes bothering you? It is time for you to start eating turkey on a regular basis.

Turkey is packed to the brim with vitamin B that keeps the eyes from losing moisture. Other important compounds found in turkey include zinc and calcium, which are crucial in keeping your eye muscles strong.

The best way to incorporate it would be as a delicious and healthy turkey sandwich with some sliced almonds, apples, and cheese.

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5 – Beef


This may sound out of the ordinary but beef does offer some awesome benefits for the eye. When eaten in moderation, it will boost your eye health. It contains essential good fat that properly absorbs soluble fat like vitamin A.

Zinc is another important element that is found in beef which also assists the absorption of several other minerals while combating advanced age eye degeneration.

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6 – Carrot

Carrot - How to Boost Eye Health

When it comes to eye-friendly foods, carrots top the list! Ever since we saw bugs bunny munching on a carrot we were told about the benefits of this crunchy vegetable. But how does it work?

Carrots have beta carotene which gives them that orange color. This beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A when eaten. Vitamin A acts as a messenger to the brain that converts light to brain signals.

The more enhanced this communication is, the better your vision will be! So start munching on those carrots, doc!

7 – Legumes

Legumes - How to Boost Eye Health

Legumes like chickpeas, lima beans, soybeans, and cannellini, are game-changers when it comes to healthy diet choices. If you are looking for a good plant-based protein, then including these legumes will do the trick.

Also packed with calcium, potassium, and zinc, legumes are similar to meat when it comes to nutrients. Low in fat and loaded with the goodness of other healthful bioflavonoids, they help protect the retinas by lowering the risk of eye degeneration and cataracts.

Need eye protection from the sun? The zinc in legumes acts like a protective shield.

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8 – Blueberry

Blueberry - How to Boost Eye Health

Blueberries are no longer just a delicious topping for desserts. They play many roles when it comes to healthy eating. They’re a superfood for curing heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

When it comes to eyes, they’re the lesser-known warriors. Rich in anthocyanin’s and highly potent antioxidants, blueberries tighten the collagen in the eyes which protects the retinas.

The anthocyanins protect the retinas against damage caused by UV light. Looking to improve vision or reverse the damage to the optic nerve? Blueberries will be your best bet!

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9 Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper - How to Boost Eye Health

Eating bell peppers has a profound effect on vision. This common addition to most meals is packed with one of the most important requirements for maintaining good eyes, Vitamin C.

Just like antioxidants, these elements fight off the toxic free radicals. This reduces the risk of developing cataracts and other eye-related degeneration.

You may have heard about the importance of collagen. The cornea is made up of collagen structures and eating bell peppers makes them stronger.

Looking to boost immunity or get rid of acne and fine lines? Bell peppers are exactly what you need.

10 Hot Tea

Hot Tea

Love to start your day with a steaming hot cup of tea? There’s good news!

Not only does it wake you right up but it can also potentially reduce your risk of developing blindness. Vision loss occurs when the fluid buildup in the optic nerves causes blockage.

One hot cup of tea contains enough flavonoids and phytochemicals along with some other anti-inflammatory properties, to protect the fragile optic nerves. Its benefits are not just limited to drinking it.

Applying tea bags on eyelids for a few minutes helps in alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, and combating other related eye diseases.

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11 – Chicken

Chicken - How to Boost Eye Health

Better nutrition is the key to improved eyesight. This means having a wholesome diet complete with all the elements like good carbs, fat, and protein along with other essential vitamins and minerals.

Chicken is a public favorite. The fact that it can aid in improving eyesight is just a bonus.

If you are struggling to see well at night or are bothered with the constant dry eye itch then the chicken is the remedy you need. Being vitamin E rich, it’s also packed with B12, another crucial element needed to keep eyes healthy!

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12 – Milk

Milk - How to Boost Eye Health

A glass of milk every day goes a long way! When it comes to milk we always think about its calcium content and how it is great for maintaining bone health. Although it’s true, the goodness doesn’t stop there.

Along with calcium, it has something called riboflavin that reduces the risk of age-related cataracts. It also contains the star element of eye health which is Vitamin A.

It washes out any plaque buildup in the eye’s blood vessels allowing you to see much clearer. Kick-starting the day with a glass full of milk is a very healthy habit.

13 Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato - How to Boost Eye Health

With the world shifting to a healthy lifestyle, the main focus is to build immunity. Sweet potatoes are a great addition to any diet.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes they are a great source of beta carotene. This beta carotene when converted to Vitamin A on eating, substantially reduces the risk of eye infection.

Not a fan of sweet potatoes? You can consider deep orange-colored vegetables like butternut squash and carrots.

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14 Squash


The rule of thumb for good vision is brightly colored vegetables. Squash is bright orange in color making it a frontline runner as one of the best foods to ensure a healthy set of eyes.

Being an incredible source of vitamin A and a variety of antioxidants, this winter vegetable is essential for healthy eyesight.

Did you know that just 1 cup of diced squash contains 4 times more vitamin A than the daily recommendation? It is one of the most underrated vegetables to help solve eye problems.

The carotenoids in butternut squash (which give it its color) boosts eye health while protecting the body from potential infection.

15 Fish Oil

Fish Oil - How to Boost Eye Health

The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are well known. They have a variety of health benefits and maintaining good eye health is one of them.

Fish oil contains another important compound called DHA which slows down the pace of retina degeneration. DHA can easily be found in fish oils like tuna, cod, and salmon.

If you have been looking for remedies to cure that dry eye issue or chronic eyelid inflammation then fish oil is here to save the day!

Having just 2 portions of fish a week will produce more oil in the tears while also ease inflammation around the eyes.

It goes without saying that maintaining eye health is extremely important. Eating right, staying away from bad habits and exercising can all go a long way when it comes to eye health.

Looking to ditch those glasses? Here are some natural ways to improve eyesight without glasses. What are some home remedies you can swear by for improving eyesight? We would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!

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