How to Be Energized All Day – 8 Best Morning Workouts

How to Be Energized All Day
How to Be Energized All Day

Welcome to this blog post “How to Be Energized All Day – 8 Best Morning Workouts.” Have you been feeling tired throughout that day? It’s quite easy to fall into a rut.

One where you feel awful from the moment you wake up. But great news! It’s easier to get out of than you think!

Your mood and level of productivity vary depending on the time of day you work out. Here is a list of the 8 best morning workouts to keep you energized.

But how do you do it? Are leg lifts productive? How about push-ups? Have you ever tried the happy baby pose? We’re talking all that AND more…

1 – Leg Lifts

How to Be Energized All Day - Leg Lifts

Let’s kick things off with one heck of a productive exercise. Leg lifts work your abs and hip muscles, improving your blood circulation.

When you are too tired to get through the day, your body’s cells sometimes need oxygen and nutrients. One of the symptoms of bad circulation is a lack of energy. It needs to be improved as soon as possible.

With the proper exercise, your white blood cells spread to areas they are needed, improving your circulation. Good circulation allows your lungs, heart, and muscles to function properly. It also allows you to avoid certain diseases.

So how do you go about doing proper leg lifts? First, you lie on your back. Preferably on a mat or soft cushion. Keep your arms tucked against your sides. Lift one of your legs upwards to form a 90-degree angle. When comfortable, slowly lower your leg back down.

Repeat the same action with the other leg. It’s best to do 10 reps for each set.

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2 – Push-Ups

How to Be Energized All Day - Push-Ups

This is one of the most basic exercises you can do. If you’ve ever taken phys-ed in your life, you’ve done a push-up or two.

Push-ups are the ideal workout when attempting to build upper body strength. They work your triceps, pectorals, and shoulders.

Push-ups also supply you with an instant energy boost. Because you are working a large number of muscles while performing the exercise, your metabolic rate increases.

Your heart works harder in order to pump blood, increasing your breathing rate. From here, your body begins to burn fat and build muscle.

There is nothing like this raw, intense morning workout to have you up and ready to attack the day. In a study done in 2012, researchers put 30 athletic males into a challenge where they were to do push-ups every day for eight weeks.

By the end, their strength and endurance had increased. If you’re beginning a morning push-up routine, it is recommended that you do three sets of 10 to 15. This will get your blood pumping.

3 – Planking

How to Be Energized All Day - Planking

This is more than just a cheesy one-time internet fad. Planking is a legitimate exercise that you can do from the comfort of your home. Planking is a core-strengthening exercise where you maintain a position similar to the pushup for as long as you can.

This will make your midsection feel like it’s on fire. Planks can also help increase your flexibility and improve your posture.

Research from 2014 has shown to even reduce the curvature in the spine of scoliosis patients.

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You will begin by assuming a push-up position, but instead of your palms pressed against the floor, bend for elbows with your forearms pressed against the floor. This causes your body to assume a tilted, bridge-like shape.

Nevertheless, it is a straight line. Hold this position for as long a duration as possible. Make sure your core muscles are tightened. This way, your hips won’t bend as easily. Aim for three sets, each plank being 60 seconds long.

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4 – Jumping Jacks

How to Be Energized All Day - Jumping Jacks

If you’d like to wake yourself up in the morning, this is probably the most reliable method. Ask a police officer in training or soldiers in the military.

You may be thinking that jumping jacks will leave you exhausted. But if you put aside a few sacred minutes to do them, you’ll be ready for the day.

Jumping jacks work to boost your heart rate and increase the circulation of your blood. Jumping jacks have several other powerful benefits.

For starters, they allow you to manage your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In a study done in 2009, researchers observed rats doing 40 simple jumps a day for eight weeks.

By the end, their bones had gained density. But how many jumps should you do? Experts suggest a possible two minute-session somewhere in the range of 100 repetitions.

If you are over 170 pounds, you can burn around 21 calories, while feeling one heck of a morning rush. If you have some extra time and wish to do 10 minutes, you can burn over 100 calories!

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Just make sure you break your jumping jacks down into segments throughout your session. Otherwise, you will be exhausted.

Is this sounding good so far? Yeah? Well, we’ve got something even better for you. Just be warned that this one’s a little goofier…

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Now let’s continue our list on the 8 best morning workouts to be energized all day.

5 – Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose

“Wait, what?” I know, for those of you unfamiliar with yoga, this one may seem a little crazy. But in all honesty, this exercise will get you out of that morning rut.

The happy baby pose is an exercise done to stretch the hips, groin, chest, and shoulders. In order to do it properly, lay your back on a comfortable surface. From here, you will lift your knees into the air.

Make sure that your hips are firmly planted onto the ground. You will then raise your hands up, grabbing your feet and pulling your knees towards your chest.

This is apparently what happy babies do. The only difference is that happy babies probably don’t hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes. That is how long you are suggested to stay in this pose.

Exercises such as this one help to increase your confidence throughout the day. Studies have indicated that certain yoga poses can improve self-esteem. What better way to begin your morning?

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6 – Jogging


This is one to do if you really have time to spare. You also need to be in the mood for it. Dragging yourself out of bed to jog can be a slog, but it has its upsides.

Jogging is a terrific method to manage weight and heart health. On the mental side, it works to relieve stress and boost your self-esteem.

If you’re anxious about how the day might unfold, a good run through your neighborhood might work as a coping mechanism.

Adults who adopt regular running routines experience an increase in positive performance throughout the day. It has also proven to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

On top of that, jogging can also increase your creativity. A 2011 study based in Brazil focused on elderly rats who ran for 5 minutes. By the end, the animals’ memories were shown to be similar to those of younger mice.

If your job requires you to think on your feet, you may want to put on those running shoes and head out for a morning jog.

7 – Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls

While it may seem absurd, early morning curls can get you pumped for the day while giving your biceps a well-deserved workout. Curls work the front muscles of your upper and lower arm.

This will improve the quality of your physical performance over time. Especially if your job demands you to be on your feet throughout the day.

First, pick a dumbbell with a weight of your choosing. If you don’t feel like doing this exercise standing up, find yourself a comfortable seating position.

One that doesn’t hurt your back, mind you. Then slowly lift your weight in a curling motion. Do this as many times as you feel necessary.

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8 – Squats

How to Be Energized All Day - Squats

If you thought bicep curls were a stretch, you haven’t done squats yet. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about placing a 200-pound barbell on your shoulder.

Leg squats can be done without the burden of extra weight. Squats work to strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes, while also pumping you with morning energy.

A good set of squats can also do wonders for your back. Squats can burn tons of calories. If you are within the range of 155 pounds, a half-hour of squats burn around 223 calories.

Starting with setting your feet a little wider than your hips, lower yourself slowly towards the ground. This will place pressure on your glutes and thighs.

If you are just beginning this squatting routine, it is suggested that you aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

Have you tried any of these workouts? Would you consider them after reading this article “How to Be Energized All Day?” Let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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