Health Benefits of Carrots – Eat Carrots Every Day

Health Benefits of Carrots
Health Benefits of Carrots

Welcome to this blog post ”Health Benefits of Carrots – Eat Carrots Every Day.” How’s your quarantine coming? Let me guess, too much junk food.

You need something healthy that you can eat on the go. Or at least something easy to munch on that isn’t a bag of chips.
Enter carrots! Something you’ve been cringing at since your mom put them on your plate as a child.

Well in her words…
“You need to eat them to grow big and strong!” Let’s talk about What Eating Carrots Every Day Does To Your Body!

Can they help you lose weight? What about fixing your eyesight? Do carrots lower cholesterol? Wait… Can they reduce your chances of getting cancer? We’re talking all that AND more…

Health Benefits of Carrots
Health Benefits of Carrots

Yes, They Reduce Risk of Cancer

We’re pulling out the nerd words right out the gate! Carrots have something called carotenoids.

This is an orange, red or yellow pigment produced by plants and algae.

Carotenoids have plenty of health benefits. One of their best is the ability to stop certain cancers.

A daily diet of carrots will start you out on the right track towards cancer prevention. These include prostate, colon and stomach cancer.

Studies have shown that women with high carotenoids in their systems experience a reduced risk of breast cancer over time.

Some research also suggests that carotenoids can prevent lung cancer. This will come as a relief to many.

Now I’m not saying eating carrots is the only way to avoid cancer. If there’s a history of cancer in your family, you’re going to want to talk to a doctor.

But eating this healthy veggie each day will likely reduce your risk of the disease.

How do you eat your carrots? Do you prefer tiny baby carrots, or do you go full rabbit and eat your carrot raw?

Sound off in the comment section and start a conversation with our community!

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Carrots Boost Your Eye Health – Health Benefits of Carrots

One of the best things carrots can do for you helps you see better. A serving each day will increase your eye health pretty significantly.

Yes, the carotenoids from a second ago also have something to do with this. But on top of that, you have Vitamin A to thank.

A single cup of chopped carrots has around 120% of your daily suggested intake.

People with lower levels of Vitamin A are more likely to experience night blindness. This is when your vision gets blurry at nighttime. It also gets harder to see in dark rooms.

Vitamin A will help your cornea function better. It will also fight against oxidative stress and filter any high-energy, blue light coming into your eye.

The nutrients in carrots will also lower your risk of macular degeneration. This is an age-related eye disease that gets worse as time goes on.

It happens when the macula, a portion in your retina, is damaged. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in people over 60 years old.

If this isn’t a good reason to start eating carrots, I don’t know what is. Well, maybe our next point will motivate you…

Your Bones Get Stronger

Eating carrots gives you an increase in Vitamin K1. This is one of the Vitamins we don’t talk about enough. Vitamin K in general allows your bones to get stronger.

Studies have pointed out a connection between Vitamin K and osteoporosis. People who consume more of the vitamin are less likely to develop it over time.

There is also some reason to believe Vitamin K will save your body from suffering fractures. Keep in mind that more research needs to be done before we know this for sure.

Carrots also have a lot of calcium and phosphorus. These will also contribute to healthier bones.

Just make sure you’re eating a serving each day. Your bones will thank you.

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Allergy Flare-Ups – Health Benefits of Carrots

But wait, this doesn’t seem like a good thing! Well, there are a couple of negative effects to eating carrots every day.

This is one of them. If you have really sensitive food allergies, carrots are not the move for you. It turns out that this veggie has caused pollen-related reactions in almost 25% of people with allergies.

This is due to the protein found in carrots. Yes, proteins generally do a lot of good for your body. But in the case of carrots, the proteins found in these veggies are a little too close to the ones found in certain pollen types.

If you’re aware that you have a pollen allergy, stay away from carrots. If you’re eating them on the regular, you’re definitely going to experience this.

The main symptoms include a slight tingle or itch. Your throat may also start to swell up. If things get really extreme, you can experience shock.

Carrots Boost Your Heart Health

Eating this veggie will strengthen your ticker and reduce your chances of disease.

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death around the world? Over 650,000 Americans die from heart disease each year.

The more carrots you munch on, the better chance you have of avoiding any sort of cardiovascular disease. Research confirms this.

One study from years back showed that people who eat carrots will over time develop greater resistance to coronary heart disease. Much greater than people who don’t eat veggies.

Another important thing to note about carrots is their ability to lower your cholesterol. If you eat carrots every day, your LDL will go down.

This is the sciency name for your “bad” cholesterol. Carrots will also lower your blood pressure. This is something else to think about.

High blood pressure makes it harder for your heart to pump.
As a result, the organ needs to work harder. This leads to heart disease. This is one of the best reasons to eat a daily serving of carrots.

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You Lose Weight – Health Benefits of Carrots

Trying to cut out junk food? Looking for a replacement? Carrots are exactly what you need.

They’re perfect to eat during the day. It’s something you can snack on while working.

Carrots will allow you to lose weight. A nice bowl with your lunch is just enough to satisfy your stomach. It’s much better than that bag of chips you’re always having.

Think about it for a second, carrots are low in calories. A cup of chopped carrots only has about 50. A serving of baby carrots will definitely help you control your calories.

You also need to think about the amount of fiber you’re getting. That same cup of carrots holds almost 4 grams of fiber.

That’s almost 15% of your daily suggested intake. Fiber satisfies your appetite, keeping you full for longer periods of time. As a result, you’re not going to be as hungry.

The protein in carrots will also help control your appetite. It reduces cravings, especially when it comes to late-night snacking.

Studies have found that people who eat carrots on the regular are far more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. All the more reason to eat a serving a day.

Your Body Can Become Contaminated

Now, this one negative effect sounds like it ruins all of the carrots’ benefits. This is not a 100% guarantee. It all depends on how the carrots are being grown.

You see, carrots can sometimes be grown in soil that’s been contaminated. It can also come in contact with contaminated water.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up with a third arm growing out of your chest. But it will affect the safety of carrots and expose you to certain heavy metals.

So if you’re planning on eating carrots every day, make sure you’re eating ones that are fresh from the grocery store.

It Boosts Your Immune System

If that last entry scared you, maybe this one will cheer you up.
Let’s talk about Vitamin C for a minute…

While the amount of Vitamin C in carrots doesn’t quite match the amount of Vitamin A, there’s still a decent amount. Just a single serving contains almost 10% of your daily intake.

Are you constantly catching colds? Well, your weak immune system is probably the cause of this.

A daily serving of carrots could be the answer. It can strengthen your immune system and reduce your chances of sickness.

Your diet is so important. You can’t get in shape unless you’re eating the right fruits and veggies. Have I sparked your interest?

Thanks for reading this article Health Benefits of Carrots.

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