Cumin for Weight Loss – 1 Teaspoon of This Spice Daily

Cumin for Weight Loss

Welcome to this blog post “Cumin for Weight Loss – 1 Teaspoon of This Spice Daily.” Weight loss is so hard. You have to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly. Luckily, there are ways to speed your weight loss up. We keep hearing a lot about weight loss drinks, especially cumin (Q-min) water. But do they really help?

In this article, we’ll be delving into the details of cumin, and its role in weight loss. How does it help you shed extra pounds? How can you use it? Is it okay to take cumin powder instead of cumin seed water? What other benefits does it have to offer? Can it help with diabetes? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

How Does Cumin Help in Weight Loss?

Cumin is a spice primarily grown in India, China, and Mexico. It’s usually used in chili powder and curry and can help boost your metabolism, lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cumin has an active compound that is unique to the spice. This compound is naturally occurring and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It works by attacking the free radicals present in your body. Free radicals are built up in your body during the metabolism process. They are basically free electrons. Since electrons form in pairs to remain stable, these free radicals take away electrons from other chemicals in your body. It’s a process called oxidation.

If the fatty acids in your arteries undergo too much oxidative stress, it will result in clogged arteries and heart disease. The antioxidants in cumin will provide free radicals with the electrons they need. This is essentially the equivalent of getting rid of the toxins that have built up in your body.

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How Cumin Help in Weight Loss

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Cumin also assists your body’s response to insulin and glucose, which in turn helps keep blood sugar under acceptable levels. In fact, in several countries, cumin is used when you get indigestion. It speeds up your digestive enzymes. It also ensures that your liver lets go of the bile. This is important because bile can aid in digesting fats, and a few crucial nutrients in the gut. That being said, cumin is not a quick fix for weight loss.

The best way to take full advantage of its powers is to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. This way, your fat will burn a lot faster.

Over time, you may notice there’s a lot less bloating after your meals. You also won’t experience fatigue as frequently as you would have before. A study among overweight participants showed that adding cumin and lime to a weight loss diet and routine helped you lose weight. Another study among obese women showed that just cumin was enough to bring down the participants’ weight significantly.

One study included participants from both genders. They were divided into two groups – one group was given the supplement, while the other was not. Those who took the supplement for over two months saw their weight decrease by two pounds more than the placebo group.

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How to Use Cumin for Weight Loss?

How to Use Cumin for Weight Loss - Cumin for Weight Loss

Cumin Drink You know you can make your own cumin drink, right? All you have to do is take two teaspoons of cumin seed and steep them in a quart and a half of water. Make sure the water is boiling before you put the seeds in. You can then remove the seeds using a strainer. The water left is now filled with cumin extract and all the healthy oils from it.

Drinking this water is known to have a good effect on your metabolism. It can also help keep your blood sugar levels in check. For the best results, you would need to drink it twice a day on an empty stomach.

Cumin Supplements

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of making cumin water on your own, or you simply don’t have the time, go for cumin supplements. There are oral cumin supplements available that either have ground cumin seeds or oil from black cumin seeds.

Ideally, you should take these supplements once every day along with your meals. They can maintain your blood sugar levels.

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Cumin in Your Diet

Cumin in Your Diet -Cumin for Weight Loss

You can also just add cumin to your food. Cumin comes in various forms. You don’t have to struggle with foods to place them in. Whether it’s powder, oil, seeds, or ground form, all have the same antioxidant benefits and help boost yours. You can season your rice or lentils, or even roast your vegetables with cumin to make them more delicious while losing weight at the same time.

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Cumin Powder and Yogurt

Cumin Powder and Yogurt

You can simply add cumin powder to yogurt for some of the best benefits. All you have to do is mix one teaspoon of cumin powder with one teaspoon of yogurt. Eat this mixture as a form of dessert.

Cumin Powder

Instead of adding it to your foods, you can even just mix the powder in water and drink it. This is similar to cumin water, except you would be using powder instead of the seeds. Boil a cup of water and add some cumin powder to it. If you want to make it a little more appealing, you can add some salt. You will need to drink this after your meals for at least 20 days.

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Other Benefits of Cumin

You Get Adequate Iron Cumin doesn’t just help you lose weight. For instance, it also comes packed with iron. Just one teaspoon of ground cumin gives you 1 mg of iron. This is equal to 18% of the iron your body needs on a daily basis.

Iron is necessary to help children in their growth. Considering that cumin is one of the most iron-rich foods you’ll find, even using it as seasoning would be enough to meet your body’s needs.

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Cumin Helps with Diabetes

Cumin Helps with Diabetes

There have been various studies showing cumin to have a beneficial impact on diabetes. Results from one study showed those who took a cumin supplement saw improved symptoms of diabetes compared with those that were on the placebo group.

Cumin also helps reduce some of the long-term effects that diabetes has on the body. This is because cumin has several components that reduce its effects. As a result, it does less damage to your organs and nerves.

Improves Blood Cholesterol

Cumin Improves Blood Cholesterol

According to a study, participants that took 75 mg of cumin two times a day for eight weeks saw a significant reduction in unhealthy triglycerides. Another study showed that taking cumin extract for 45 days brought down the level of bad LDL cholesterol by 10% compared to those who were not given the extract.

In yet another study, women with high blood cholesterol were divided into two groups. One group was given 3 grams of cumin mixed with yogurt two times a day. The other group was given yogurt without cumin. After three months, the group that had the cumin showed a significant increase in good HDL cholesterol.

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All around, cumin supplements seem to have an impact on your HDL, while at the same time reducing your LDL. It’s important to keep in mind that despite its many healthy properties, cumin is not a miracle cure.

Your weight loss program will only be successful if you put the effort in without a regular workout and diet plan. Cumin will help accelerate the effects so you can see results faster.

In short, cumin can help you shed extra pounds with a healthy well-balanced diet and regular exercise. But what else can you do to speed up your weight loss? Exercise harder or watch your food intake? You definitely need to avoid certain foods.

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Are you trying to lose weight? Will you be trying cumin seeds to shed extra pounds? Let us know in the comments below!

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