9 Foods That Act Like Medicine for Common Health Problems

9 Foods That Act Like Medicine for Common Health Problems
9 Foods That Act Like Medicine for Common Health Problems

Hey, welcome to my blog post 9 Foods That Act Like Medicine For Common Health Problems. Have you been keeping track of your health lately? It’s important you maintain a proper diet. The vitamins and nutrients you get from your meals are more significant than you think. Did you know there are even foods that can double as medicine? Let’s talk about that. How does salmon help? Do I have to start eating beans? Wait a minute, pickles? We’re talking all that.

9 Foods That Act Like Medicine
9 Foods That Act Like Medicine

Pickled Foods

Believe it or not, pickled foods can do a lot to help your digestive system. Most of us hear the word “pickled” and automatically think… Well… pickles. But there are actually other foods that can be pickled. These include meats, fish, and eggs. This can preserve perishable foods for months. And they’re actually pretty good for you. You see, pickled foods contain probiotics. These are bacteria that assist your digestion. When we have digestive problems, it’s easy to talk to a doctor and get on some kind of medication. But this is really unnecessary. Instead, pickled foods serve as a natural way to get your digestive system back into shape.

By eating more pickled foods, you can prevent diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also stop allergic reactions and eczema. A study from 2012 showed this. People who ate foods filled with probiotics were much less likely to suffer from digestive issues. So if you’re looking for something to boost your health, now might be a good time to take out that pickle jar that’s been in the back of your fridge since before you moved in. Do you get a lot of digestive issues? What’s your go-to food in this situation? Sound off in the comment section.

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Ginger – 9 Foods That Act Like Medicine

Let’s face it, you’re just not getting enough ginger. I mean who really is? Ginger is a spice originating from Southeast Asia. While most of us associate ginger with sweets like cookies and other baked goods, there’s a little more to it. Try various health benefits for example. Have you been feeling nauseous lately? Well, there is a way to fix that. News flash, it doesn’t involve driving to your nearest pharmacy.

Ginger is often recommended as an at-home remedy for nausea. People who are feeling sick can put a bit of ginger in their tea. Ginger is known to not only help nausea but also abdominal, arthritis, and muscle pain. There is also reason to believe that ginger can assist women suffering from menstrual cramps. But it’s recommended you take it in capsule form. So don’t hesitate to try ginger. It might be better to use than certain medicines.


This is something else we associate with candies and sweets. Well, I hate to say it, but peppermint chewing gum isn’t really what I had in mind for this list. I was thinking more along the lines of peppermint tea. If you’re suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or cramps, you’ll want to start drinking peppermint. Doctors will often prescribe it when you come to them with digestive issues. Peppermint relaxes your digestive system and eases pain.

It prevents your muscles from contracting, relieving spasms in your gut. Along with tea, peppermint oil is also effective. Studies have even suggested that peppermint oil should be the first line of defense when fighting IBS. Peppermint oil capsules have been shown to reduce symptoms by 40%. They have also reduced signs of nausea and vomiting among people going through chemotherapy. Give it a try.

Buckwheat Honey

This is probably one you’re not as familiar with. It’s unfortunate because buckwheat honey could’ve saved you from those terrible coughs you had as a kid. Buckwheat honey is the type collected by bees from buckwheat flowers. Research has shown that buckwheat honey is more effective for children than cough syrup. This is especially true for kids under the age of 6. Buckwheat honey can boost the antioxidants you have in your body. This will strengthen your immune system and ultimately make you healthier.

This will lower your chances of getting an awful cold. Buckwheat honey works really well when you mix it into your tea. The next time you find yourself with a cough that just won’t quit, fix yourself some. Before we continue, are you looking to strengthen your organs? Well perhaps you should check on our recent post on 11 Affordable Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day. Now back to our list of Foods That Can Be Used as Medicine.


Foods That Act Like Medicine
Foods That Act Like Medicine

Beans – 9 Foods That Act Like Medicine

I know, you’re probably not crazy about eating beans. But they’re really good for you. Especially when you have health issues. Beans are packed with antioxidants, which reduce free radicals in your body. This comes in handy when you’re looking to lower your blood sugar and manage your cholesterol. This is potentially better than going on medications.

Beans are filled with lots of good fiber, which also helps your blood sugar levels. One cup of cooked kidney beans holds around 40% of your daily fiber intake. Experts have seen people improve their blood sugar by eating more magnesium-rich beans. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps your body stay healthy. Not only will it lower your blood sugar, but it will also regulate your nerve function.


Give me a break, everybody loves oatmeal. Well, at least you will love it when you find out how good it is for your health problems. Oatmeal holds enough fiber to lower your LDL. This is your bad cholesterol. Almost 30 million American adults have cholesterol levels that are higher than average. If you’re in this demographic, you need to add something healthy to your daily diet.

Studies have shown that eating around 3 grams of oats every day will help lower LDL cholesterol levels. This is something to think about the next time the doctor tells you your cholesterol levels are too unhealthy. You might just have a tasty new breakfast item on your hands.


This spice can help you fight a ton of different diseases. That’s because turmeric works as an anti-inflammatory. This is something that decreases inflammation in your body. Some turmeric added to the diet can help a person living with arthritis. By adding black pepper to your turmeric, it allows your body to absorb more of the curcumin. This is one of the compounds in turmeric that makes it more powerful. Turmeric has also been shown to boost people’s brain health. Research has suggested it can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


Oh, your favorite fish in the whole wide world. Of course, I’m joking. But it really should be. For one, salmon is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential for your health. The problem is your body can’t produce them on its own, so you have to get them from your diet. Due to all the fatty acids, salmon is an important food to eat if you want to reduce inflammation. Its antioxidants also make it a healthy choice to fight heart disease. It reduces your LDL levels and lowers your chances of getting serious diseases.

Eating salmon on the regular can also improve the health of your brain. Think about all the elderly people you’ve seen who start losing their memory. Well, salmon can help. And I’m not just talking about dementia or Alzheimer’s. I mean mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. This can be so much more useful than the medications doctors prescribe when you come to them. Not to mention a lot safer. So do your best to get through the weird taste. Salmon is just what you need to feel healthier.

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Chia Seeds – 9 Foods That Act Like Medicine

Don’t be fooled. There’s more to these tiny little seeds than meets the eyes. Chia seeds are packed full of great nutrients for your body. They’ve got plenty of fiber, protein, and magnesium. Aside from that, they’ve also got your usual antioxidants, which makes them ideal weapons against disease. Chia seeds have been known to lower your bad cholesterol and save you from heart disease. They will also reduce your chances of getting type-2 diabetes, as they dramatically lower your blood sugar.

After a meal, your blood sugar rises. Studies have told us that eating bread with chia seeds in it will lower your post-meal blood sugar levels compared to bread that doesn’t have chia. Now you can eat them raw, but chia seeds go really well with cereal, yogurt, and porridge. You can also try it in your smoothie. It might just be the medicine you need.
Yup, the world of health and medicine is a complex one. I bet this video has sparked your interest in the subject. Well, I’ve got a couple of posts here on healthy foods you need to start eating now.

Why don’t you check out our post on the 9 best foods You Should Make Part of liver cleanse? Or how about the boiled eggs diet that keeps you full and helps you lose weight? Go ahead, pick a post. Learn more about ways to change your diet and get healthier! Have you used any of these foods to replace medicine? Did it work? Let us know in the comment below.

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