7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better – How to Dress Better

7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

Welcome to this blog post “7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better – How to Dress Better.” In this article, we want to share with you seven styling tips to help you dress better in 2021. So grab yourself your beverage of choice and let’s get started.

1 – Fluff Your Outfit Like You Would a Cushion

Fluff Your Outfit Like You Would a Cushion

You should never put on an outfit and then just leave straight out the door. Outfits always need fluffy. Just like you would fluff a cushion you also need to fluff your outfits.

So this inserts things like cuffing your sleeves accurately half tucking. Making sure that your seams are sitting properly on your shoulders popping collars.

Ensuring that nothing is twisted or stuck in an awkward position. And then taking one last detailed look at yourself in front of the mirror before you go.

Sometimes you can step away from the mirror for a moment and then walk back in front of it with fresh eyes. Anyone who has done painting or artwork throughout their lives might know this technique well.

It can be so propitious to just take your eyes off your painting for few seconds. And then stand back and look at it again from afar with fresh eyes.

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2 – Balance Top to Bottom

Balance Top to Bottom - 7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

So there are two different balancing tips that we want to address here. The first is quite a generalized tip and that is to balance the weight of your clothes from the bottom to the top.

So for instance, if you have a big flowy skirt pairing it with another big flowy item on top might be a little bit too much. Consider pairing it with a more fitted top. If this skirt is quite a showy piece already just anything plain on the top will do the trick.

With that being said though there also can be some exclusions to this rule. You also need to consider your own body shape when balancing top to bottom.

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3 – Use the Three-Color Rule

Use the Three-Color Rule - 7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

The three-color rule radically means to guarantee that you create a cohesive outfit use no more than just three colors. The three-color rule assists you a lot when you putting outfits together.

If you putting an outfit together and you are struggling with those final pieces like shoes and jackets then remember the three-color rule. That always helps you to grab the right piece. And to not add in another color that might end up puzzling the whole outfit.

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The three colors that are utilized in this rule can also be tones or shades of a positive color. So you could have like two shades of blue in a certain outfit. Plus two further colors and that would still be regarded as the three-color rule.

Or you could have two various shades of pink in an outfit. Then a further two other colors and would still pass as the three-color rule.

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4 – Accessorize Properly

Accessorize Properly - 7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

Sometimes we forget how influential a small accessory can be. Accessories can pull a complete outfit together. And end off the look if you’re looking at ways to dress better with accessories.

We would suggest finding a few basic everyday accessories that you can reach for when you’re in a rush. These daily accessories that go with nearly every outfit are like a small gold hoop a gold watch and a small pendant necklace.

You also should like everyday sunglasses. Which may be your prescription sunglasses should be with most of your outfits on top of that. Also, you can use an everyday tote bag in a nice light. The beige color which you find goes with basically everything as well.

Having some really versatile accessories means that you don’t have to have as many accessories overall.

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5 – Coordinate Your Colors

Coordinate Your Colors - 7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

I personally think that the easiest way to do this and make sure that your colors match is to jump onto Pinterest. So you jump on to Pinterest and you try to find an outfit that integrates the colors that you’re thinking to wear.

For instance, you could type into the Pinterest red top with a green skirt outfit. You can search that and it’s not really showing you many great options. However, you can see a few pink and green color combinations here.

So instead you will research pink and green outfits and see what you get all of a sudden. There’s an abundance of outfit inspiration that you might really like. So this is the better color combination for you to go for.

Another vital thing to consider when organizing colors is to ensure the colors that you are wearing bring out the best in you. Certain colors glance better for certain skin tones and it gets a little bit of study and some trial and error to find out what colors best suit you.

Ask a friend or a family member whom you can trust to help you choose which color looks best on your skin tone.

6 – Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

Plan Your Outfit the Night Before - 7 Best Styling Tips to Dress Better

Planning outfits in approach is the best way to guarantee that you will be dressing better. It implies that you can actually take the time to work out the supreme outfit rather than rushing just before you have to leave the house.

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Best of all overtime planning your outfits will actually teach you a lot more about fashion and styling. And you will ultimately begin to dress better all-around.

7 – Make Sure Your Closet Is Organized

Make Sure Your Closet Is Organized

The plenty of home-organization demonstrates all have one thing in usual: Organizing your home, especially the closets, results in a euphoric feeling.

We all want that, but a quick look in our closets reminds us it’s not so easy without a camera crew and organization professional connoisseur to hold our hands through the project. Luckily, all you require is a strategy to tackle organizing your closet.

Before you know it, your closet will equal any seen on any of those streaming shows, and—more significantly —you will always know the location of your favorite sweater, prized pair of jeans, and go-to work button-down.

Do you know any other styling tips to dress better? Let us know in the comments section! If you enjoy this article please don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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